DJ set

Vendredi 23 Août


La Main | Main Stage


Label : Universal Tribe Records / Padang Records

From : Allemagne

Lena started experimenting with psytrance and progressive styles for the first time in 2015
and fell in love with the creative potential that were possible.
Being a singer and songwriter inspired many ideas of how these things could be used in her own unique ways. Growing up with many different genres and her dad being a musician, influenced her musically path a lot.
With her love for a number of different types of styles, she soon found herself deep within a very experimental phase of mixing a fusion of psy & tech elements with her vocals to form the sound of Rhabia.
Being also a representative for Universal Tribe Records since 2019 she found herself playing heaps on stages, spreading sounds of psytech, dark- and bushprog with zenonesque influences. Beginning of 2024 she also became a Label-Dj for Padang Records.
Learning slowly to produce her own music, she now started to publish her first own productions and collaborations, which shows her huge variety of expressing herself through music.
– Rhabia has no boundaries.

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