Vendredi 23 Août


La Main | Main Stage

Full-on Morning

Label : Sonic Motion Records

From : Rueil-Malmaison | France

Yurika is a french-japanese psytrance producer. She infuses her music with her unique multicultural experience. After spending many years in various countries, Yurika returned to Paris to immerse herself in prolific music production, pouring her heart and soul into it.
In 2009, Yurika made a striking entrance into the music scene with her debut release, Awake, and quickly began performing at major parties and festivals.

Her career took off in 2011 when the legendary ASTRAL PROJECTION project invited her to remix their track ‘One’, featured on their EP éponyme, on the prestigious TIP label.

Joining Sonic Motion Records a year later, she embarked on a side project with Atyss named Bonnie and Clyde.
Yurika’s discography boasts releases on notable labels like T.I.P. Records, YSE, Sonic Motion Records, and more.

Her music, a fusion of powerful riffs melodies, hypnotic bass lines and ethnic atmospheres, unfolds like a captivating story, designed to transport the listener on deep inner journeys.
In 2024, Yurika reinforces her impact on the Psytrance scene anew, introducing fresh tracks, delivering a captivating live performance, and showcasing continually evolving top-notch production.

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