Miss Tekix & Oïkia

DJ set

Dimanche 25 Août


La Main | Main Stage

Full-on, Psy

Label : Hadra Records

From : Marseille | France

Miss TeKiX and Dj Oïkia start collaborating behind the decks in the summer of 2015. From then on, a real alchemy guides these two DJs in the construction of their sets. Their respective influences and complicity create a new dynamic in their musical practice. The duo develops a style of harmonic and groovy mix that has been its own and whose selection oscillates between full-on and psyche. Organizers of the Psymind partys in Marseille, co-hosts of a radio show dedicated to psytrance music on FM radio, they ended up being represented by the Hadra Records label, which they joined in 2018.

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