scenography / mapping / show lights

Scenography is a fundamental component of trance culture and is a form of expression that can be found in all events of this style and today more widely in electronic music events. The characteristics of these transformations allow festival-goers to be immersed in an immersive and fantastic universe. This year, the theme will take you to the heart of our origins.

teams 2022

Anonymous Substance • Fluofreax • Foule Bambou • Katodik • Le Kiosque / Scenosysteme • Les frères Cotto • Les Lucioles • Light Process • Maggi • Mik art • SénoÏ Project • Sly Artwork • Synhesis / La Sap • Vizual Invaders • The Hybrid Project • The Mad Studio •


The festival’s mainstage is the favourite playground of our set design teams! You can find the whole Hadra Scénographie label on this stage with our set designers team The Mad Studio, our VJ’s collective Vizual Invaders and our great light technicians Light Process.

the mad studio

The Mad Studio – Décors & scénographie is a collective of professional decorators born from the meeting between the teams of the Hadra and Mus’Act associations. Specialists in event scenography, they design grandiose universes and extraordinary immersions.

Their masterful hands are exported beyond the world of music and they love to take on new creative challenges. The Mad Studio intervenes wherever there may be a need for scenery or other visual installations. Always with one objective: to make structures that are out of the ordinary, grandiose, dynamic and surprising!
Carpentry, sculpture, painting, linocutting, sewing, 3D modelling, video creation, machinery etc. Their skills are varied and give us the opportunity to see incredible and unique creations!
Official collective of the Hadra association, The Mad Studio are called upon throughout France to transform numerous events such as the Electrobotik Invasion Festival, The Walking Bass Festival, the Impact Festival.

light process

vizual invaders

el sarab

Majestic and imposing, the alternative stage is no longer the envy of the mainstage, as it has become a real second main stage in 2019! You’ll find two of our regular collectives there, with the light structures and scenographies of Fluofreax accompanying the digital art and vjing of the collective The Hybrid Project.

the hybrid project & FLUOFREAX


The oasis is a peaceful and warm area with natural and vegetal structures that will give way to the most dreamlike music. Discover Sly Artwork and his dreamy and colourful scenography, sublimated by the Vjing of Isaure from Vizual Invaders




foule bambou

Decorations Bars


Decorations Places of Passage

Sénoï Project

Decorations Places of Passage


Stage Decorations Fire & Performance


Decorations Places of Passage