Hadra Trance Festival is an adventure in its own right, to be experienced in its entirety. We work all year long to offer you 4 unforgettable days of celebration, disconnected from our daily lives. The festival format allows us to think and create a complete and unique experience and we invite you to live it fully.

It’s not just a matter of consuming the party for an evening, but of discovering and letting yourself be carried away by the universe we’ve concocted for you. Beyond the musical program, there is a whole lot to discover: take the time to stroll around and catch a glimpse of the many surprises that litter the site, discover the art gallery, participate in a workshop, attend a conference, meet people and above all, let yourself be surprised by the magic of the moment.

3 Day Passes available from Tuesday 12 June 2022, 12 noon


“You only have to look at the stars to understand what’s behind your festival ticket…”

Two prices at your disposal and the possibility to pay in 3 times without fees.


With the will to establish a non-competition system between you, we propose only one sale phase with a unique price : you will be able to take your presale at your own pace without seeing the price of the presales increase in spite of you.

Everyone will be able to benefit from the same price throughout the sales period: we want the Hadra Trance Festival experience to be as pleasant as possible for each of you and this starts as soon as you get your precious sesame 🙂

SUPPORT PRICE : 140€ + ?

The Hadra Trance Festival is 98,5% self-financed: we have less than 2% of public funding. The regular admission fee allows us to reach a financial balance on all the expenses incurred to realize the festival.

The support fee allow you to participate a little bit more and support Hadra’s associative project and contribute to the development and sustainability of the festival and other activities that we carry out in parallel: TranceMission workshops, Hadra Records and Hadra AlterVision Records labels, support for artists, development of psychedelic culture, etc.
By choosing this fee, you benefit from a membership to the HADRA association: the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of the association!

All tickets are valid until the end of the festival.
Given the configuration of the location and the atmosphere we want to give to the event, apart from occasional controls by security guards, there are no systematic controls to access to the dancefloors. It is therefore impossible for us to know who will leave the festival as agreed and who will stay longer than expected.

The access to the campsite (including toilets and showers) and to the parking lots is included in all passes. Access is only possible for holders of a valid pass.

The total number of tickets is limited to 8000.
Depending on the number of tickets sold, 3-day tickets (valid from Friday to Sunday) will be offered in the summer of 2022.
To be sure to attend the festival, we invite you to book your ticket as soon as possible.