Le Hadra Trance Festival est une aventure à part entière, à vivre dans sa globalité. Nous œuvrons tout au long de l’année pour vous offrir 4 jours de fête inoubliables, déconnectés de notre quotidien. Le format festival nous permet de penser et de créer une expérience complète et unique et nous vous invitons à la vivre pleinement.

Il ne s’agit pas de juste consommer la fête le temps d’une soirée, mais de découvrir et de vous laisser porter par l’univers que nous vous concoctons. Au-delà de la programmation musicale, il y a tout un tas d’à-côtés à découvrir : prenez le temps de flâner et d’entrevoir les multiples surprises qui jonchent le site, de découvrir la galerie d’art, de participer à un workshop, d’assister à une conférence, de rencontrer des personnes et surtout, de vous laisser surprendre par la magie du moment présent.

All passes are valid until the end of the festival.
Passes must be valid until the end of the festival. Given the configuration of the venue and the atmosphere we want to create for the event, apart from occasional checks by security guards, there are no systematic checks at stage access. It is therefore impossible for us to know who is leaving as agreed and who will be staying longer than expected.
Access to the campsite (including toilets and showers) and car parks is included in all passes. Access is only possible for holders of a valid pass.
Depending on the number of bookings, 3-day passes valid from Friday may be offered during the summer of 2023.
To make sure you get to the festival, please book your ticket as early as possible.


Single Rate : 140€

With the aim of establishing a system of non-competition between you, we are proposing a single sales phase with a single price: you will be able to take your pre-sale at your own pace without seeing the price of pre-sales increase in spite of you.
Everyone will benefit from the same price throughout the sales period: we want the Hadra Trance Festival experience to be as pleasant as possible for each and every one of you, and that starts as soon as you get your precious ticket 🙂

What is the Support Rate?

The Hadra Trance Festival is 98.5% self-financed, with less than 2% public funding. The single ticket price enables us to break even on all the expenses incurred in putting on the festival.
The support rate means participating a little more than the average rate to support Hadra’s associative project and contribute to the development and sustainability of the festival and the other activities we run in parallel: TranceMission workshops, Hadra Records and Hadra AlterVision Records labels, support for artists, development of psychedelic culture, etc.
If you choose this rate, you’ll also benefit from membership of the HADRA association: an opportunity to make an active contribution to the association’s development!


Thanks to the donations collected at the Hadra Trance Festival 2022 ticket office (€4,602 in total), the following projects were approved by the meeting:
Manufacture of decorative/artistic lighting for the central aisle
Wooden facilities (furniture, shelters, construction) to be built by a team of volunteer joiners/carpenters
Entertainment for volunteers: show / volunteer evening / comfort (goodies, strolling trolley), a budget for the volunteer welfare team and all those hands who give their all to make the festival happen. 💟
All these projects will be completed during the 2023 festival, photos to follow!