The Hadra Trance Festival wishes to ensure that the festival is accessible to all and for all, and every year proposes new actions and improvements to welcome people with disabilities.


Taking part in the festival is a unique experience, but far from trivial, so depending on your physical, mental and psychological capacities… it can become demanding over time.

Whether you have a permanent or temporary disability, such as a sprain, ASD, hearing difficulties or pregnancy, you are entitled to have your needs taken into account in the preparation of our festival.
It’s on the basis of your accessibility difficulties that we’ll be planning our festival. Because in view of the distances, the state of the grounds, the diversity of activities… we can’t guarantee that it won’t become restrictive, so accessibility can concern you.
In 2023, many of you had not made any prior requests, and we had therefore misjudged certain features such as sanitary facilities or the size of the “Accessibility” campsite.
So don’t be afraid to ask us, we’re here to do our best to meet your needs. Please fill in the HTF 2024 Accessibility form.

To contact us directly : 
/ 04 38 49 29 44

what we do

Every year, we continue to implement and improve our actions to welcome festival-goers with disabilities:

  • If you have a permanent or temporary disability requiring the presence of another person, you can benefit from a free invitation to have an accompanying person at your side. People with a disability card or other medical certificate, as well as a valid admission ticket to the festival, can benefit from an invitation for their companion.
  • There are two welcome stands, one in the parking lot to make it easier for the public to arrive, and one on the festival site, at the entrance to the “PSH campsite”, to make the rest of your stay easier.
  • The presence of AMAAC-ACCESS’FESTIVAL: our key partner in accessibility issues.
  • The handi-campsite: reserved for people with special needs. It is central to the festival (close to the various stages, catering areas, village, sanitary facilities, first-aid posts), accessible by car and equipped with special facilities (electrical outlets, kettles, etc.).
  • Reserved parking spaces near the ticket office and a drop-off area near the campsite.
  • Special access for people with reduced mobility to get from the parking lot to the festival site, with reserved parking spaces on the site. Please contact us in advance to obtain this pass.
  • Recharging facilities for electric wheelchairs and other special equipment.
  • Presence of LSF signers in volunteer teams in contact with the public (bar, ticket office, etc.).
  • Raising awareness of different types of disability among different teams, especially in safety;
  • Work on the layout of the site for people with walking difficulties. With adapted counters in the bars and other areas, a PRM platform above the alternative stage and floor modules to pass certain obstacles.
  • LSF interpretation for conferences and workshops.
  • Construction of a risk-reduction and prevention system for sexist and sexual violence in relation to different disabilities
  • And many small actions adapted to people’s needs (setting up a teepee for accommodation, finding companions, etc.).

If you have special needs (storage of cool medicines or special equipment, etc.), or particular difficulties (no companion available, etc.) you can fill in the accessibility form to have your requests taken into account.

People with disabilities, whether permanent or occasional, who require the presence of another person, can benefit from an invitation for the accompanying person. You will still need to purchase a festival pass for the disabled person, as the invitation is for the accompanying person.
All requests must be made in advance of the festival (by Monday August 12, 2024 at the latest) using the “accessibility” form on our website.
The invitation will be issued in the name of the disabled person (if the accompanying person changes). To enter the festival, the disabled person and the accompanying person must present themselves together with the festival pass and identification for each person. If one person arrives before the other, they will have to wait for them to enter the festival.
If you have any problems filling in the form, please contact us: / 04 38 49 29 44
The Handi campsite is open to everyone, depending on their specific needs. It’s located in the rest of the festival campsite, and we’ve just “reserved” a section for the PSH. It is therefore centrally located within the festival (close to the various stages, the catering area, the village and the first-aid post). 
At the entrance, you’ll find a welcome and information point with the AMAAC-ACCESS FESTIVAL association, as well as numerous volunteers to accompany you and answer your questions throughout the festival. 
It’s easily accessible by car, so you can unload your belongings and avoid the long journey from the parking lots. For those who need it, we have car parking spaces on the same site. So you can stay overnight in a specially adapted space.
The campsite also has a special area for the hearing-impaired, with lighting for signing and a few electrical sockets for your telephone.
We also have showers and toilets for people with reduced mobility.

Depending on your needs, we can adapt specific devices: 

  • Electrical outlets
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Secure, low-cost medication storage
  • Tipi rental 
  • Sheltered and secure areas for recharging electrical appliances
Access to the Handi-campsite will be prioritized for those who request it in advance via the form.
More and more of you come to the festival every year. We’re delighted, and we’re determined to take more and more of your concerns into account for the festival. 
This year, we’re offering you :
  • Access to the Handi campsite, with a floodlit area where you can chat and meet up with your friends.
  • Conferences and workshops in the village with LSF* interpreters
  • Healing / well-being zone workshops with LSF interpreters
  • Volunteers in our teams who know how to sign and interact in LSF. Particularly at the Bar, between the main and alternative stages.
  • A volunteer Accessibility team, in conjunction with AMAAC-ACCESS, to help you find your way around the parking lots and the PSH campsite.
  • A harm reduction and sexual and gender-based violence prevention program, with interpreters on hand to help you if you need it.
  • Awareness-raising workshops and discussions in LSF on “consumption and psychoactive substances” and on sexist and sexual violence directly at the PSH campsite.
  • Other actions to come
*LSF French Sign Langage

A reminder if you have a companion invitation
To enter the festival, the disabled person and the accompanying person must present themselves together with the festival pass and identification for each person. If one person arrives before the other, he or she must wait for the other to enter the festival.
As in previous years, we are partnering with AMAAC-ACCESS FESTIVAL (Association de Médiation et d’Accessibilité à l’Art et à la Culture). If you have any questions about your mobility and the infrastructure in place, you can also contact them:
They help us to implement specific actions for people with special needs. Our common goal is to enable everyone to enjoy the festival. This is reflected in the Access’Festival scheme, which is based on a number of missions:
  • A personalized welcome for the public, according to their needs.
  • Volunteers with disabilities on our teams.
  • Exchanges and awareness-raising for all.
  • Analysis of local constraints to adapt accessibility to the site.
  • Loan of special equipment (wheelchairs, crutches, etc.) if required.
This specialized disability team is now backed up by a volunteer Hadra team to take this dimension even further in-house. Come and talk to them at their stands.

“Amaac was created with the aim of promoting artistic and cultural development, in view of the need for each individual to develop through artistic practices, as well as the demands of the cultural sector to disseminate the works presented to a wider audience. In keeping with its main objective, the Access’Festival program aims to facilitate access to public and private events for people with special needs.”   

L’Association AMAAC-ACCESS Festival