The village puts exchange and humanity at the heart of the project, to talk about utopias but also to give ideas so that dreams can perhaps become reality.


Throughout the event, the public has access to an alternative space with conferences, art exhibitions, workshops, yoga classes and musical awakening. All free and open to all. In a few words, a place for exchanges, meetings and discoveries. The association also gives space to themes linked to the theme of the festival: this year, the 20th anniversary of Hadra and the many origins linked to it. 
Since 2017, the festival has offered a conference space where professionals, amateurs and the curious come to discuss themes inherent to psychedelic culture and the values associated with it. This space, which is conducive to exchanges and encounters, allows the public to be made aware of current and social issues: festival-goers are invited to take part in the debates and to become actors of the festival themselves.
A second space is dedicated to workshops: free and open to all, it offers numerous initiation and awareness activities around the central themes of the Hadra Trance Festival. These workshops have become a determining element of the festival: they invite participants to exchange, invent and collaborate with the aim of apprehending the festival from another angle.