Welcome to another edition of the Hadra Trance Festival 2024 on the theme of infinity. 

You’re here because you probably have certain difficulties. The form below will help us to better target your needs.
Please fill in this form so that we can guarantee you the best possible festival. To complete this form, you may need a digital version of your medical certificate.
Whether you have a permanent or temporary disability such as: a sprain, ASD, hearing difficulties, pregnancy… you are entitled to have your needs taken into account in the preparation of our festival.
If the presence of another person is necessary to help you at the festival, you can benefit from a free invitation to have a companion by your side. All you need to justify this is a disability card or other medical certificate. You will still need a festival pass for the disabled person, as the invitation is for the accompanying person. If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to buy a festival pass for yourself via our ticketing service.
If necessary, please contact felix@hadra.net / 04 38 49 29 44 to prepare your arrival at Hadra Trance Festival.

2024 FORM

The information collected in this form is recorded in a file used by the Hadra association for the management of disabled people. It will be kept for 12 months and is intended for use by Hadra’s disabled persons department for organizational and non-commercial purposes. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, you may exercise your right to access and rectify your personal data by contacting: association Hadra – accessibilité – 163 Cours Berriat. Grenoble 38000. In all circumstances, you also have the right to recover all your data (Art.L.224-42-1.). You can request the deletion of your data at the following address: hadra@hadra.net