A culture accessible to all and for all, such is the wish carried by Hadra since its creation.

Through the Hadra Trance Festival, the association wishes to create a space of freedom, exchange and sharing. The association fights against discrimination and harassment and makes it a point of honor to make the festival accessible to all and for all, in an atmosphere of benevolence and well-being together. 

Since 2019, the Hadra association is committed to the H+ culture label, initiated by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, with the aim of promoting accessibility for people with disabilities at outdoor festivals.



solidarity and inclusiveness


We want to allow charities to have their place at the core of the Hadra Trance Festival.

We have established a partnership with “Culture du Cœur Auvergne”, and we open our doors to people in situation of exclusion by providing them with several invitations for our festival.

Cultures du Cœur creates a network of cultural and sports partners, of which we are part, and a network of social and educational structures, “the relays”, on which it relies to identify the beneficiary public and to inform them of the proposed offer.


The recyclery is a space of solidarity reuse and meeting around social alternatives. You will find several animations on the stand held by Jabr’asso. We give you access to a colorful thrift shop and unusual objects at solidarity prices. You can also take part in the reuse with the free zone of the festival-goers where each one can deposit and hunt for objects. Jabr’asso was created with the aim of promoting exchange, sharing and solidarity, it is a place of reception and multidimensional experimentation but also an associative recycling shop with an ecological and social vocation, valuing the circular economy.


The festival is also developing a food donation area, where you will be able to drop off cans, canned goods, dry and non-perishable food that you have no use for during the festival, or that you wish to dispose of. All the food will be sent to the Moulins food bank to be redistributed to food aid associations. In 2019, 670 kg of foodstuffs were collected! 

It is important to know that the food bank in France is a system that allows both to collect food destined to be thrown away, fight against waste but also against food insecurity, by putting the finger on the concrete needs, accompany the beneficiaries to create a social link, to give them a taste for cooking, sharing, and break the loneliness that exists in many beneficiaries.

This stand will be located near the AREMACS stand, but especially the closest to the campsite and your temporary homes, in order to facilitate the access by coming to you! Also, at the end of the festival, we are counting on you to bring us back your unconsumed products so that it can benefit others.

The commitment for a more united world, passes by small gestures!


HADRA SAFE : Our new pole dedicated to the benevolence in festive environment

The festival involves its public, its teams, service providers and volunteers in a process of inclusiveness: taking care of oneself but also of one’s entourage, knowing how to respect others in their entirety and their differences. 

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Each year, we continue to implement and improve our actions to promote the reception of disabled festival-goers:

  • People who can justify a disability card with a minimum rate of disability of 80% or justifying a disability pension of 3rd category and a valid ticket to the festival, can receive an invitation for their accompanying person.
  • There will be two AMAAC-ACCESS’FESTIVAL stands: one in the parking lot to facilitate the arrival of the public and one on the festival site as well
  • A campsite reserved for people with reduced mobility accessible by car, close to the adapted sanitary facilities and the first aid post. 
  • Reserved parking spaces near the ticket office and a drop-off area near the campsite.
  • A privileged access for disabled people to go from the parking lot to the festival site, with reserved parking spaces on the site. However, it is necessary to inform us in advance to obtain this pass: felix@hadra.net   
  • Possibility of recharging electric wheelchairs at the first aid station.

If you have special needs (storage of cold medicines or specific devices, etc.), or particular difficulties (absence of an available companion, etc.) you can contact us so that we can anticipate and find a solution. 

For more information: felix@hadra.net / 04 38 49 29 44


As in previous years, we are partners with the association AMAAC-ACCESS FESTIVAL (Association of Mediation and Accessibility to Art and Culture). For any questions regarding your mobility and the infrastructures put in place, you can also contact them: access.festi@gmail.com

They accompany us in the implementation of specific actions for people with special needs. Our common goal is to allow everyone to come and enjoy the festival. This translates into the Access’Festival system which is based on several missions:

  • A personalized reception of the public according to their constraints.
  • Volunteers with disabilities within our teams.
  • The exchange and raising of awareness among all.
  • An analysis of the constraints of the field to adapt the accessibility to the site.
  • The loan of specific equipment (wheelchairs, crutches, etc.) if necessary.

Do not hesitate to come and talk to them at their stands.

“In view of the needs of each individual to develop through artistic practices, but also the demands of the cultural sector to disseminate the works presented to a wider audience, Amaac was created in order to promote artistic and cultural development. In a solidarity approach and respecting its main objective, the Access’Festival program aims to facilitate access to public and private events for people with specific expectations.”    The AMAAC-ACCESS Festival Association

see their site


People who can prove that they have a disability card with a minimum disability rate of 80% or a 3rd category disability pension, as well as a valid ticket to the festival, can receive an invitation for their companion.

All requests must be made in advance of the event (no later than 1 week before the start of the festival). Please fill out the application form below. 

The invitation will be in the name of the person with a disability. People with disability must present themselves at the festival ticket office with a valid ticket for themselves, a proof of identity and their companion to validate their invitation.

access the form


Since 2019, we have joined the H+ culture process initiated by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It aims to bring together the conditions for a disabled benevolent, disabled welcoming, disabled inclusive reception. Hadra is therefore a signatory of the charter aiming to promote accessibility for people with disabilities at outdoor festivals. 

The objectives of this initiative are :

  • To guarantee a quality welcome for disabled users at outdoor festivals,
  • to give concrete evidence to the festivals of their adhesion and commitment,
  • To recognize the good initiatives and efforts of festivals,
  • to ensure that the cultural sector takes disability into account in a sustainable way.
  • to support the organizers by providing them with tools and communication.

This certification awarded by the region recognizes the work we do to try to include as many people as possible, both within our teams and in the public.