Travelling to and from the festival represents the lion’s share of the festival’s environmental impact.
In 2022, CO2 emissions linked to public transport alone were 422 T eq CO2, or 52 kg of CO2 per person.
Calculate the carbon footprint of your journeys and choose the solution that suits you best.

Calculate your Carbon Footprint


Comment VENIR ?

Is your round trip impact greater than 50 kg CO2?
Then you have a choice :
  • You want to come and reduce your impact, then here you’ll find the alternatives for coming to the festival
  • You decide to move to Vieure, a quiet little village, except for 4 days a year,
  • You want to come too much, but you live with George the good old merco, so you adapt your lifestyle for the rest of the year,
  • You’re above all that, your name is Elon Musk

🗺 – Itinéraire avec Google Maps


From Paris, Lille, Bourges, Nantes :
Follow signs for Bourges
On the A71, take exit 10 towards Montluçon/Guéret/Cosne d’Allier/Commentry
Continue on the A714
Take the exit toward D94
Head toward D94 à Vieure
Follow the signs

From Genève (CH),  Turin (It),  Chambéry, Clermont­-Ferrand, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse :
Follow signs for Clermont-Ferrand. Once you have passed Clermont-Ferrand, follow signs for Bourges and take the A71.
On the A71, take exit 10 towards Montluçon/Guéret/Cosne d’Allier/Commentry
Follow the signs


Coming to the Hadra festival is also an opportunity to visit the Allier! If you have time before or after the festival to explore the surrounding area, we invite you to discover the landscapes, gastronomy, history and cultural heritage of the Allier.

With a large number of festive events, the Bocage Bourbonnais region welcomes 45,000 festival-goers during all of these highlights. These include music festivals featuring jazz, classical music, trance or patronal celebrations with headliners worthy of the biggest variety stages of the moment. If it is not music, it is monuments that are honoured through sound and light shows, or nature with events featuring the environment. 

discover the bocage festif
We can’t welcome any festival-goers on site before the official opening on Thursday 25 August, 10am. If you have already made your way to the festival and are not far away, here are a few free rest areas available around the festival: 
1. Bizeneuille RD94, carpooling area
2. Bizeneuille RD94, rest area
3. Côtes de Matra RD136, panorama – highest point, forest
4. Meillers RD73, rest area + 2 additional areas over 2kms
5. Buxières-les-Mines RD68, car park at the lake
6. RD953 (between Bourbon l’Archambault and St Menoux), rest area
7. Aire des vérités de Montluçon : Rue Louis Renault Sortie 37, Technopole de la Loue, 03410 Saint-Victor
8. Moulin camping car area: 64-66 Chem. de Halage, 03000 Moulins 
9. Air de Vallon : A71 : Direction Clermont Ferrand – Bourges, 03190 Vallon-en-Sully
10.  Air de Millepertuis : A71 – Direction Clermont Ferrand – Bourges, 03190 Vallon-en-Sully
To find other car parks in the area:
Enjoy the surroundings while being respectful of your environment!

– Moulins-sur-Allier

  • Charge : 7€ / person (reduced rate at 3/4€)
  • Address : 26 rue Voltaire, 03000 Moulins-sur-Allier
  • GPS position : 46.566962, 3.333702
  • Telephone number: 04 70 20 76 20
The Centre national du costume de scène is the first conservation structure, unique in France and abroad, to be entirely devoted to the material heritage of theatres.
Its mission is to conserve, study and promote a heritage collection of 10,000 stage costumes (for theatre, opera or ballet) as well as painted scenery.

Exhibition of puppets of the world – Monétay-sur-Allier

  • Address : 2 rue les Brouillards, 03500 Monétay-sur-Allier
  • GPS position : 46.382623, 3.300286
  • Telephone number: 04 70 42 09 25
  • Charge: 5 €/person
Unique in Auvergne ! Exhibition of 750 professional puppets from 102 countries around the world. 4000 years of history of this often misunderstood art.



Forest of Tronçais – Vitray
  • Address : Forêt de Tronçais, 03360 Vitray
  • GPS position : 46.608473, 2.681621
Grandiose trees several hundred years old, ponds and fountains full of secrets, a forest heritage of excellence, various activities depending on the season… 
Covering almost 11,000 hectares in the north-west of the Allier department, the Tronçais forest is one of the most beautiful forest areas in France. Developed by Colbert, one of Louis XIV’s main ministers, it is known for its high quality oak trees. Cut down many times, the forest has since regained its rights and today boasts specimens several hundred years old. Since 2018, it has been awarded the “Forêt d’exception” label because of its remarkable forest heritage and its natural heritage, which is justly highlighted.

L’ARBORETUM DE BALAINE – Villeneuve-sur-Allier
  • Address : 61 Route de Paris, 03460 Villeneuve-sur-Allier
  • GPS position : 46.696451,3.2452889
  • Telephone number: 04 70 43 30 07
  • Charge: 12€/person
This English-style park, classified as a remarkable garden, created in 1804 by Aglaé Adanson, is the oldest private botanical and floral park in France. The Balaine arboretum combines the architecture of 19th century English gardens with collections of exotic species. It surrounds a typical Bourbonnais castle which has been classified as a historical monument since 1993.
A guided or self-guided tour of this park of more than 25 hectares allows you to discover 3500 varieties planted over the last 200 years. A park where, with the intermingling of conifers and deciduous trees, one could be transported to the primitive forest of the mountains of southern China.

  • Address : 26 rue Voltaire, 03000 Moulins-sur-Allier
  • GPS position : 46.566962, 3.333702
  • Telephone number : 04 70 35 72 58
Dedicated to book illustration, the museum’s mission is to build up a collection of original works representative of the history of children’s illustration from the 19th century to the present day.
Through exhibitions, workshops and readings, the museum promotes illustration to help as many people as possible discover it. A fun and interactive permanent tour invites visitors to discover the history of illustration, the creative techniques, the artists and the images that have marked several generations of children and parents and that are also part of our collective memory today.


  • Address : Place Aristide Briand, 03210 Souvigny
  • GPS position : 46.53492,3.192732
  • Telephone number: 04 70 43 99 75
Museum housed in the old barns of the adjoining priory. The collection is devoted to the archaeological, monumental and ethnological heritage of the surrounding bocage. The gardens of the priory, which extend the visit, are a reconstitution of French-style gardens with a mixture of ornamental plants, old vegetables and medicinal plants.



PAGODE ET BOUDDHA – Noyant-d’Allier
  • Address : Noyant-d’Allier 03210
  • GPS position : 46.501947,3.056235
Free or guided visit.
Since 1955, an Asian community has replaced the miners of Noyant and has built a pagoda and statues to celebrate the cult of Buddha. The interior of the richly decorated building can be visited if you put your shoes on at the entrance.




Val d’Allier Nature Reserve
  • GPS position: 46.441110, 3.331175
Considered one of the last great wild rivers in Western Europe, the Allier has created a set of landscapes that are characteristic for their diversity and high degree of naturalness.
To the south of Moulins, since 1994, the Val d’Allier National Nature Reserve has protected 1,450 hectares along approximately 28 km of the Allier’s course. It is one of the largest river reserves in France. 



Street Art City
– Lurcy-Lévis

  • Address : Béguin, 03320 Lurcy-Lévis
  • GPS position: 46.719778, 2.920049
  • Telephone number: 06 37 08 79 13
  • Charge: 12€/entrance
The premises of the former “PTT” training centre, abandoned for some twenty years, have begun their transformation. Covering 10 hectares and 13 buildings with a surface area of 7,000 m², Street Art City offers 22,000 m² of frescos and a unique show.


Sioule Valley and Gorges – Menat
  • Address : 63440 Menat
  • GPS position : 46.099667, 2.931607
Before joining the calm waters of the Allier, the Sioule flows down the foothills of the Massif-Central in a wild environment that is well worth a visit. The river, which once marked the boundary between the Bourbonnais and the Auvergne, between oc and oil, still today delimits the Allier on its left bank and the Puy-de-Dôme on its right.


Medieval village of Hérisson – Hérisson
  • Address : 03190 Hérisson
  • GPS position : 46.509826, 2.712231
Hérisson was founded around the 5th century. Between old stones and preserved nature, a visit to the village of Hérisson is both a journey through time and a quest for serenity.



Thermal baths of Bourbon l’Archambault
  • Address : Place des Thermes, 03160 Bourbon-l’Archambault
  • GPS position : 46.585293, 3.056672
  • Telephone number : 04 70 67 07 88
Listed as a historical monument, the Bourbon-l’Archambault thermal baths welcome you in a setting that combines an exceptional décor with modern, functional and sophisticated treatment facilities.