The Hadra Trance Festival could not happen without the energy and involvement of its many volunteers, so first of all, thank you for your interest and support!

Volunteer applications for the Hadra Trance Festival 2024 are now closed – thank you for all your messages! 
contact : benevoles@hadra.net

The Hadra association remains a non-profit organization supported by nearly 150 volunteers (involved year-round in the association’s project). In 2023, 950 volunteers contributed to the smooth running of the festival alongside 4.5 FTEs (full-time equivalent) and around fifty teams of service providers. Reception, parking, camping, ticketing, bar, security, cleaning, site maintenance, assembly, dismantling: the tasks are many and varied throughout the festival.

A festival of this magnitude would not be possible without the commitment of all the volunteers who come to take part in the adventure. From year to year, the old volunteers welcome the new ones who in turn become old ones, thus allowing us to constantly have a hard core on whom to rely to train the young recruits.  The result is a team that is always motivated and loyal, full of resources, and where sharing, team spirit and good humour are the key words!