Our Values & Commitments

More than just a music festival, the Hadra Trance Festival is an opportunity for us to innovate, experiment, reinvent ourselves and, above all, dream the world of tomorrow.

Through the Hadra Trance Festival, the association wishes to create a space of freedom, exchange and sharing. Through the workshops, conferences and think tanks set up, Hadra wishes to raise awareness and sensitize the public on the strong values carried by its members. The festival involves its public, its teams, service providers and volunteers in a sustainable development approach: respecting the environment but also the living. To take care of oneself but also of the people around you, how to respect the other person in his or her entirety and difference. The association fights against discrimination and harassment and makes it a point of honour to make the festival accessible to all and for all, in an atmosphere of benevolence and well-being together.

In a will to build together, we are gathered to experiment and create conditions favourable to alternative practices, arts and functioning. The Hadra Trance Festival is one of the rare big international psytrance festivals to be non-profit-making: all the festival’s proceeds are reinvested in the associative project. The association attaches great importance to its independence and transparency: supported by nearly 150 volunteers and 4.5 FTE (full time equivalent), the Hadra association functions essentially thanks to its own funds (ticketing, CD sales, membership fees, etc.) and is over 98.5% self-financed.