Our Values & Commitments

Through the Hadra Trance Festival, the association wishes to create a space of freedom, exchange and sharing. Through the workshops, conferences and think tanks set up, Hadra wishes to raise awareness and sensitize the public on the strong values carried by its members. The festival involves its public, its teams, service providers and volunteers in a sustainable development approach: respecting the environment but also the living. To take care of oneself but also of the people around you, how to respect the other person in his or her entirety and difference. The association fights against discrimination and harassment and makes it a point of honour to make the festival accessible to all and for all, in an atmosphere of benevolence and well-being together.
In a will to build together, we are gathered to experiment and create conditions favourable to alternative practices, arts and functioning. The Hadra Trance Festival is one of the rare big international psytrance festivals to be non-profit-making: all the festival’s proceeds are reinvested in the associative project. The association attaches great importance to its independence and transparency: supported by nearly 150 volunteers and 4.5 FTE (full time equivalent), the Hadra association functions essentially thanks to its own funds (ticketing, CD sales, membership fees, etc.) and is over 98.5% self-financed.




We are all actors in the smooth running of our festival. The Hadra Trance Festival must be free of all forms of oppression: it is a moment of sharing, conviviality and friendship that we wish to guarantee to every festival-goer.
We invite each one of you to look after each other, between friends but also between strangers; to tolerate and respect each other in his difference. The Hadra Trance Festival condemns all inappropriate behaviour and all forms of discrimination: for the festival to be beautiful, every effort must be made to make everyone feel safe and secure in a caring atmosphere.
If you ever witness an unusual event or behaviour, violent, disturbing, discriminatory, sexist gestures… don’t hesitate for a second to contact the staff: we are here to help you, support you and intervene.


A “safe” zone is set up at the Hadra Trance Festival. In partnership with Keep Smiling, ANPAA 03, Ekinox Rdr and Serein-e-s. By noting that the festive environment is subject to sexist, violent, discriminatory and oppressive behaviours, this space aims to prevent, inform, listen and accompany.
Around the issues of harassment, consent and much more, social behaviour in general, volunteers will be present to exchange with you, and will welcome testimonials from people who wish to share their experiences in a safe and caring environment. Of course, you will all be able to exchange with the interveners on the whole Risk Reduction space, this small safe cocoon is more of a resource space for people who want to settle down more calmly and/or who are in need.


As an organizer, we try our best to facilitate the work of the structures and the understanding of each person’s work.e. The risk reduction associations Ekinox, Keep Smiling, Chill U Bic,Serein.e.s, Planning Familial 63 and CAARUD 03 are very present to address the issues of risk behaviors of the public. A powerful work of coordination of all these structures is done to ensure that all the teams work together. This cohesion can also be felt very well by the public who come to the prevention stands to get information or to be taken care of.
The first-aid workers were given training by the Keep Smiling association to enable them to better understand risky behaviour and what to do in the event of an incident. This networking is very important because it facilitates work in the field and enables all the teams to meet each other. The first-aid workers were delighted with this initiative and are asking for it to be repeated next year.


The Hadra Trance Festival is a partner of the Here is Cool campaign. Concerts and festivals are spaces of discovery and celebration conducive to encounters. For several years now, prevention policies have been at work to reduce the risks associated with excessive behaviour that is sometimes associated with partying. They make it possible to reach and raise awareness among the many audiences who attend cultural events throughout the year, particularly during the summer period.
Recently, in Europe and in France, incidents, assaults and violence of a sexual, sexist, racist and homophobic nature have been observed. These phenomena have alerted the organisers who have chosen to respond to them together in order to preserve their events as privileged spaces for pleasure and sharing.


We would like to remind you that prolonged exposure to high noise levels is dangerous to your health. Therefore we provide you with disposable earplugs at the prevention stand. Be careful, an incorrectly worn earplug will protect your little ears less well, so we advise you to follow the instructions given, to ensure comfort and hearing health.
Furthermore, for the safety of children, we can provide you with Anti-noise helmets, guaranteeing effective protection. You will be able to buy them at the prevention stand, leaving an identity document as a deposit. 
Take care of yourself, noise is a risk to which we are continually exposed and which can have irreversible long-term consequences.


AREMACS is an association whose aim is to limit the environmental impact of social, cultural and sporting events by raising awareness of ecology and providing event organisers with human and material resources to reduce the impact.
This festive, voluntary and smiling team is our essential partner in terms of prevention and actions against the impact of waste on the festival site.
In 2019, more than 28.6 tons of waste were produced by the Hadra festival, 45% of which was recycled.  We have extended sorting instructions: 100% of the plastic, cardboard and metal packaging is recyclable. 
In order to reduce our waste and with a view to preserving our environment, we continue to strengthen our communication and our actions to raise awareness, in a playful way, festival-goers, artists, volunteers, technicians, to adopt simple reflexes to reduce our ecological impact.


Since 2019, the Hadra association has been developing the Agama team in conjunction with AREMACS, our historical partner on waste management.
Team Agama is made up of around forty people dedicated to the continuous collection of waste, the distribution of rubbish bags and portable ashtrays, as well as raising public awareness of ecological issues.
By integrating this new team internally, the association is taking over a sustainable part of its operations, for a better integration of volunteers as well. The idea of this team is to make waste awareness more playful, attractive and fun. With interactions with the public, through disguises, pick-ups on the dancefloor in the middle of the day, wandering around the festival site.


Come and discover the hamlet of the beatniks, an area at the entrance of the campsite, grouping together the Aremacs stand and the green roulette challenge, as well as the bicycle parking. You will also be able to register your carpool ads for the return trip.
The Green Roulette challenge is a game related to waste management. Try to win a special Hadra green roulette gift by bringing a bag of household or sorting rubbish to the Aremacs collection stand. Among the many prizes to be won such as posters, CDs, t-shirts… 


The mobility of our festival-goers is the factor generating the most greenhouse gas emissions (far ahead of the transport of artists and staff, but also ahead of energy consumption, waste production, etc.). With the desire to continue to reduce the festival’s environmental impact, a carbon compensation plan has been put in place. Carbon offsetting is a principle, which aims to compensate for the share of incompressible greenhouse gas emissions, by supporting eco-responsible projects of structures. This year, the Hadra Trance Festival supports 2 independent associations:


The Hadra Trance Festival is the first French festival to have been
rewarded by the Greener Festival Award and this 5 years in a row, from 2010 and 2015 during the editions in Lans-en-Vercors. Since its arrival in Vieure, the festival has been awarded over the last 3 editions 2017/18/19. This trophy, which values all our actions in a process of environmental and social transition, allows us to make a global analysis of our situation in order to improve each year our ecological, social and territorial impact:
  • Our approach to waste reduction: sorting awareness, composting of foodtrucks, dry toilets, waste water treatment. A great job managed by Aremacs Sud-Est, Les Gandousiers, and our in-house teams.
  • The development of the local, social and solidarity economy: setting up a local grocery store on the festival grounds, promoting local agriculture and the short circuit, collaboration with Culture du coeur etc.
  • The reduction of our environmental impact: work on soft transport (trains, buses, bikes…), energy control, support of environmental or social projects in view of a carbon compensation plan, etc.


The issue of waste water is an unavoidable issue, being on a natural site with a body of water, we make sure that the treatment of waste water is carried out in a rigorous manner. We have two types of infrastructures for toilets and showers. A fixed part present all year round and a temporary part that we install for the event. Professional plumbers are present to manage them.
In 2019 we have 175 toilets and urinals, 151 of which are compostable and 24 fixed. Our entire fixed installation is connected to a lagoon on site which allows us to store and treat wastewater before releasing it gradually into the water body after the festival. The campsite is Blue Flag certified, guaranteeing that our discharges are not harmful to the aquatic ecosystem.
For the showers that are added, our partner company Symbiose is responsible for the waste water storage systems and their treatment. The latter is carried out off-site, at the lagoon of the village of Vieure.
For the dry toilets, it is our partner Les Gandousiers, a specialist in the field, who manages them so that you can do your small needs in a certain comfort. Always motivated, attentive and pro-active, they are key players on the ecological issues related to sanitation. Their action is up to the end user since they separate urine from dry matter and revalue it as fertilizer for the farmers of the area. In 2019, no less than 40m3 of dry matter and 44,000 L of urine will have been collected and recycled.


Restoration is a key issue in terms of production, provenance and seasonality. This is why you will have the opportunity to recharge your batteries by tasting fresh, regional products from this new host territory, while enjoying the atmosphere and beauty of this place.
Through a charter, we encourage foodtrucks to source from local farmers and artisans in order to have a maximum of fresh products, for the greater good of your taste buds.
A grocery store of local products will also be at your disposal all day long to help you discover the delights of the region on the spot, or once back home, to share them with your friends and family. It will be open from 9am to 9pm. In this grocery store, you will also be able to find all the little things useful during the festival such as the toothbrush that we always forget, or a lighter because our friends have stolen all our stock.
The catering set up to resource the staff, artists, technicians and volunteers will also be supplied with regional products, because it is also important for our teams to enjoy eating quality products.


Persons who can prove a disability card with a minimum disability rate of 80% or a 3rd category disability pension as well as a valid entrance ticket to the festival, can benefit from an invitation for their accompanying person.
Several actions will be set up for people with disabilities:
  • There will be two AMAAC stands at the festival: one at the entrance to facilitate the arrival of the public and one on the festival site to answer questions.
  • campsites reserved for people with reduced mobility, close to adapted sanitary facilities and the first aid post
  • reserved parking spaces near the ticket office
  • privileged access for people with reduced mobility to go from the car park to the festival site, with reserved parking spaces on the site. However, you have to inform us in advance to obtain this pass: [email protected]
  • possibility of recharging electric vehicles at the rescue station


The festival is also developing a food donation area, where you will be able to deposit cans, canned food, dry and non-perishable food that you have not used during the festival, or that you wish to get rid of. All food will be sent to the Moulins food bank to be redistributed to food aid associations. In 2019, 670 kg of food was collected! 
It is important to know that the food bank in France is a system that allows both to collect food destined to be thrown away, to fight against waste but also against food insecurity, by putting the finger on concrete needs, to accompany the beneficiaries to create social ties, to give them a taste for cooking, sharing, and to break the loneliness that exists among many beneficiaries.
This stand will be located close to the AREMACS stand, but above all the closest to the campsite and your temporary homes, to make it easier for you to get there when you come to you! Also, at the end of the festival, we count on you to bring us back your unconsumed products so that it can benefit others.
The commitment for a more solidary world, passes by small gestures!


We want to allow charities to have their place at the heart of the Hadra Trance Festival.

We have established a partnership with “Culture du Cœur Auvergne”, and we open our doors to people in situations of exclusion by making several invitations to our festival available to them.
Cultures du Cœur thus creates a network of cultural and sports partners, of which we are part, and a network of social and educational structures, “les relais”, on which it relies to identify the beneficiary public and inform them of the proposed offer.


The association develops and continues to imagine various exchanges with local structures (associations, traders, inhabitants):
  • A supply in short circuit: catering for the teams and supplying the stands via local producers and craftsmen, setting up a local grocery store on the festival site, supplying the bars by the local brewery of La Motte Juillet…
  • The organization of musical meetings with the cultural actors of the area: in close collaboration with the 109, the MJC of Cosne d’Allier, the SMAC of Montluçon etc…
  • The setting up of an organic composting station and the creation of permanent works of art based on natural recycled materials on the site of the Plan d’eau de Vieure.
  • Priority selections of local service providers and collaboration with numerous units: Food Bank (Moulins), SICTOM (Cérilly), tourism plan with the Bocage Bourbonnais Tourist Office, waste management with Aremacs Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, etc.
  • Involvement of many structures and inhabitants in the different activities of the festival: video recordings with Studio K (Montluçon), conferences and workshops (with Soudicy, Karton Blanc, Ferme des Gounelles, Alternatiba etc.) etc.


Created in 2005 by the Hadra association, the artistic development pole Trancemission aims to promote practices related to the psytrance culture and more broadly to current electronic music.
Trancemission officiates on the Hadra Trance Festival through different actions:
  • the organization of meetings between professional and amateur artists
  • the setting up of conferences on themes such as: the culture and history of psytrance, the management of labels, the problems of festival organisers, the place of women in electronic music, etc.
  • the setting up of workshops to introduce DJING practices or the organisation of “Balade et bidouillage sonore” in partnership with the association Le Séquenceur.