Established in the department of Allier since 2016, the Hadra association feels at home here and is happy to be able to count on the political support of the Community of Communes of the Bocage Bourbonnais as well as the Vieure town hall. This collaboration is already engraved in the history of the association, as it has never before been hosted for so long in the same place! Beyond the festival, the association wishes to create a close link with the territory and continues to imagine various exchanges with local structures.



LA LOCO: THE MARKET for local producers

“La Loco” is coming to Vieure for the very first time especially for the festival: this initiative goes beyond the small grocery shop you might have come across before. Come to the Medina to discover a market managed by local actors, composed of local producers who will make you discover their products and know-how. You will find everything you need to cook and eat (fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, etc.), as well as hygiene and wellness products and crafts.
On this space, the only currency used will be the Soudicy, local currency of the territory. You can come to their stand located in the heart of the market to exchange your €€€ into Soudicy and encourage this approach. 
The Soudicy and Karton Blanc associations, co-sponsors of this project with us, are implementing an alternative economy and sharing on the occasion of this festive moment. For it is also through ephemeral events that we must experiment with alternative practices to initiate a real transition towards a way of life that cares about its environmental, human and territorial impact. 
For those who are motivated by Ĺa Loco: come to the Soudicy desk to embark on this adventure.

promote the richness of the territory

After your festival, if you have a few days left. Don’t forget that the Bocage Bourbonnais has other surprises in store for you: sporting activities, historical sites or culinary discoveries, there is plenty to choose from. And what better way than to come to the La Loco market to talk about it with the Tourist Office, which will be able to show you the best deals.


And for those who have fallen under the spell of the lake and its territory, you can even meet people from the Bocage Bourbonnais community of communes to talk about a possible project to settle in the area. It will be a shorter journey to the HTF 2023!

discover the festival's surroundings

participate in the cultural life of the territory


With a large number of festive events, the Bocage Bourbonnais region welcomes 45,000 festival-goers over the course of these annual highlights and has decided to launch its “Le Bocage Festif” brand. 

The operation brings together 8 major events: the Carnival of Ygrande, Jazz in the Bocage, Classique en Bocage, Tronget en Fête, the Légendes & Détours sound and light show and the Château de l’Augère, the Go Ba’s festival and the Hadra Trance Festival.

Bocage Festif is above all a human collaboration that could be described as unique. Rare are the territories where a community brings together its event organisers to propose a common action. Indeed, the essence of the partnership is to be a human adventure where exchanges around the organisation of events on a logistical and human level are encouraged. The aim of the brand is also to highlight the involvement of volunteers, those families and friends who keep the region alive. In short, Bocage Festif is a festive and social showcase for the Bocage Bourbonnais that strengthens the pride of its inhabitants.

DISCOVER THE bocage festif

the music fest at VIEURE

The Hadra association wishes to be involved in the cultural life of the municipality. For example, the association will participate in the Vieure music festival in 2022. The team took advantage of this to propose a public meeting during the weekend, a workshop to discover DJing for children, and to display its retropective exhibition “Hadra 20 years” for one day.

cultural actions on the territory

Since 2016, the Hadra TranceMission pole has been developing numerous projects in the Bocage Bourbonnais in order to respond to a growing demand from our partners and audiences in the area, but also to reach out to new audiences and meet new local actors.


We are developing a partnership with the Sagess association, which organises educational workcamps for young people in difficulty throughout the year. The idea is to offer a work camp at the festival and to help them discover the associative and festive environment from a new angle by participating in the organisation before and after the festival. In total, ten or so young people will participate in missions such as signage, catering, preparing the artist reception and supporting the environmental and social missions of the Agama team.


The TranceMission pole of the Hadra association works in partnership with the Adéquat leisure centre of the Communauté de Communes du Bocage Bourbonnais (Allier – 03) and has proposed workshops around electronic music for the children of the Adéquat leisure centre in Bourbon-l’Archambault during the holidays.

The initiative aims to discover the artistic disciplines defended by Hadra and to invest in the territory beyond the festival. Led by two artists around Hadra, this week of workshops allowed children to take part in the process of creating a piece and its interpretation thanks to the machines, instruments and sounds that surround us.


Following a request from the Adéquat leisure centre in Bourbon-l’Archambault and after various workshops carried out over the last few years, TranceMission is offering a free introductory workshop to M.A.O. at Go Ba’s (Kid) during the day organised by and for the children on Sunday 21 August prior to the Hadra Trance Festival. This workshop will allow to discover the Hadra association, its environment as well as to make the link from one festival to another one week apart on the same territory as well as to present to the children the workshop planned for the All Saints’ holidays.
Programme :
  • Discovery of the M.A.O. and the instruments present
  • Capture of sounds present at the festival (sound walk)
  • Composition
Speaker : Benjamin Dacunka / Artist producer