By creating the Inaya pole – a term originating from the Arabic language and meaning “to take care, attention” – we wish to reinforce our benevolence actions during the festival: refuge/safe zone, activities with a chosen mix, dedicated team, etc. We are all actors of the smooth running of our festival. The Hadra Trance Festival must be free of any form of oppression: it is a moment of sharing, conviviality and friendship that we wish to guarantee to all festival-goers.

We invite each of you to look out for each other, between friends but also between strangers; to tolerate and respect the other in his or her difference. The Hadra Trance Festival condemns all inappropriate behavior and all forms of discrimination: to ensure that the party is beautiful, everything must be done so that everyone feels safe, in a caring atmosphere.

If you ever witness an unusual event or behavior, violent, disturbing, discriminatory, sexist gestures… don’t hesitate a second to contact the staff, the Inaya team, at the Refuge and/or the security agents: we are all here to help you, support you and intervene.

You can also make a report, during or after the festival at the following address: signalement@hadra.net 


The fight against harassment and gender or sexual violence, has expanded widely and we are aware that these behaviors and aggressions exist everywhere, even in our parties. Since 2018, the Hadra association is strengthening its actions in terms of benevolence and the fight against gender and sexual violence.


The new INAYA team will ensure that this benevolence is preserved! The principle: a team of volunteers previously trained in the fight against sexist and sexual violence will be on patrol throughout the festival. Easily identifiable, they will be able to intervene in all requests or suspicions regarding situations of harassment or violence. 


TEAM INAYA’s goals:

  • To ensure a constant presence to reassure but also to intervene or to make intervene other interlocutors if necessary
  • Remain vigilant to identify any situation of violence or any problematic act
  • Help the victims and make the link with the competent individuals (prevention associations and people trained to collect testimonies)
  • Immediately collect the word of witnesses and victims and make the link with the competent individuals (prevention associations, security agents, organizers, etc.)
  • Provide support and assistance to people in need


The Inaya Refuge is a “safe” area set up at the Hadra Trance Festival. In partnership with the organizations Keep Smiling, ANPAA 03, Ekinox Rdr and Serein·e·s. By noticing that the party environment is subject to sexist, violent, discriminating and oppressive behaviors, this space aims to prevent, inform, listen and support.

Around the questions of harassment, consent and well beyond, of society’s behaviors in general, volunteers will be present to exchange with you, and will welcome testimonies from people who wish to do so, in all benevolence and security. Of course, you will be able to talk with the speakers in the Harm Reduction space, this small safe cocoon is more of a resource space for people who want to settle down more quietly and/or who are in need.

Find the Inaya Refuge in La Medina,
the Festival Village.

the walking bus stop

No more dancing for today? And don’t feel like walking back to the campsite alone? 
Go to the Walking Bus stop, in front of the Hadra Shop / Hadra Stand and head back to the campsite as a group! 

Team Inaya will regularly come to this stop to give you a ride if needed, but it is also possible to organize yourself as a group with this Walking Bus stop as a rallying point. When you head back to the campsites, remember to take a look at this stop and bring the volunteers with you.

And if there is really no one there and you feel uncomfortable going back alone, don’t hesitate to go to the prevention / Harm Reduction booth, they will be able to help you!

the inaya campsite - in a chosen mix

Following our first Sensitive Mapping workshop conducted in 2019, this year we are proposing a space in chosen gender within the festival camping: the Inaya camping, for people who consider themselves women and gender minoritized people.

This campsite will be located in a delimited area and will be accessible by registration. With a special bracelet, you will be able to use this space, you will be explained the location of the Inaya campsite where a security officer will be present to check your bracelet. This bracelet can only be used with a valid Hadra Trance Festival 2022 ticket. This campsite is only accessible to people who have filled out the form, it will not be possible to bring in your family/friends.



The Hadra Trance Festival is a partner of the Ici c’est cool campaign. Concerts and festivals are places of discovery and celebration that are conducive to meeting people. For several years now, prevention policies have been implemented to reduce the risks associated with the excessive behaviors sometimes associated with partying. They allow us to reach and raise awareness among the many people who attend cultural events throughout the year, and particularly during the summer period.

Recently, in Europe and in France, incidents, aggressions and violence of a sexual, sexist, racist and homophobic nature have been observed. These phenomena have alerted organizers who have chosen to respond together in order to preserve their events as privileged spaces of pleasure and sharing.


Developed for the first time in 2019, the sensitive mapping allows us to better identify and put the finger on the spaces of the festival where the public does not feel safe (poorly lit, no security, location problem, isolated places). These highlights allow us as organizers to take into account this feedback in our reflection on the festival and thus improve our implementation.

Sensitive mapping workshop in chosen mixity on Saturday August 27th, from 4pm to 6pm at the Refuge Inaya with the association Serein·e·s.


The objective of the chosen gender mix is to free the speech of the oppressed and to allow these people to express their experiences, needs and feelings in the most egalitarian frameworks possible and thus, to make emerge tracks of reflection and tools of struggles. The chosen gender mix does not seek to exclude cis-gender men, it participates in the self-emancipation of women and gender minorities. We are convinced that the chosen mixity allows to give a space where people can exchange, testify, organize themselves.

our additional actions:

  • Forum theater workshop during the festival around these issues;
  • Training of Hadra festival security teams on the fight against sexual and gender-based violence and on the basics of harm reduction by the Serein.e.s and Keep Similing collectives
  • Establishment of the Inaya Refuge (Safe Zone) in the Festival Village;
  • Setting up a zone for collecting testimonies and helping victims, in collaboration with the association Serein.e.s, Keep Smiling and Caarud 03
  • Working in close collaboration with the prevention and harm reduction teams to raise awareness on all the themes of the fight against SGBV, prevention and harm reduction associations;
  • Actions and workshops (women’s circle) at the Inaya Refuge (Zone Safe) in mixed-gender settings

Reducing the risks associated with excessive behaviour

Prevention and protection in a festive environment


As organizers, we try to facilitate the work of the structures and the understanding of the work of each one. The harm reduction associations Ekinox, Keep Smiling, Chill U Bic, Serein.e.s, the Family Planning 63 and the CAARUD 03 are very present to address the issues of risk behaviors of the public. A powerful coordination work of all these structures is done so that all the teams work together. This cohesion is also felt very well by the public who come to the prevention stands to get information or to be taken care of.

The first-aid workers were able to benefit from a training session given by the association Keep Smiling in order to allow a better understanding of risk behaviors and the actions to be taken in case of intervention. This networking is very important because it facilitates the work in the field and allows all the teams to meet each other. The first-aid workers were delighted with this initiative and are asking for it to be repeated next year.


We would like to remind you that prolonged exposure to high noise levels is dangerous to your health. Therefore, we will provide you with disposable earplugs at the prevention booth and at the Hadra booth. Be careful, a poorly worn plug will protect your little ears less well, so we advise you to follow the instructions given, to ensure comfort and hearing health.

Tutorial : How to put in your earplugs

Moreover, for the safety of children, we can provide you with anti-noise helmets, guaranteeing an effective protection. You can buy them at the Hadra stand by leaving an ID as a deposit. 

Take care of yourself, noise is a risk to which we are continuously exposed and which can have irreversible consequences in the long term.