Call for project 2024

Volunteer Decorations and Digital Arts

Help design the universe of the Hadra Trance Festival 2024!

Come and exhibit your creations!

Every year, the Hadra Trance Festival welcomes a number of visual artists, decorators and painters to decorate the stages, the infrastructure and the site itself. These transformations immerse festival-goers in a vast universe and transcend the limits of space and time.

In addition to the professional teams present at the festival, we also want to open the doors to smaller amateur projects. The aim is to give each and every one of you the chance to express your creativity at an event like the Hadra Trance Festival, but also to strengthen the links between all the decorators/volunteers/fans of our scene.
New this year: we’re opening this call to the Digital Arts!

After so many intense and wonderful experiences, to be shared again and again around the world of Psytrance, the Hadra association invites you to take part in this call for Volunteer Decorations and Digital Arts projects around the annual theme: Infinity!

For this 15th edition, the Hadra Trance Festival is opening the doors to one of the greatest mysteries of our existence. An invitation to push back the boundaries of our understanding of the world, to experience the infinitely small within the infinitely large.

Infinity is the only limit to our capacity of imagination

Thanks to your presence, your smiles, your unfailing commitment and your incredible talents, the Hadra Trance Festival gets better and better every year, allowing us to explore unsuspected dimensions of art, music and celebration. Hadra is a not-for-profit organisation, so every volunteer’s work helps to build an associative community that loves to share…

Together we can keep it alive and growing…!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE in the call for projects?

Right here on this form!

Whether you’re a novice or a more experienced artist, you’ll need :

  • A good idea corresponding to the theme Infinity, accompanied by sketches or presentation documents.
  • A visual and spatial construction study that you can adapt on site using your own skills and tools.
  • Just a few motivated friends who’ll give you a hand to get the job done within the time allowed for installation (team of 6 people maximum)!

NB: We’re inviting you to decorate some of the places that will be passing through during the festival, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the selection of your craziest projects…!


  • Make sure that the installation is suitable for public use, i.e. that it is not dangerous, taking into account access for the fire brigade, fire/electrical risks, falling heavy objects, etc… Make sure that the equipment is waterproof!
  • Please note that we require a single person to be responsible for each project. This person will be our contact and the only person responsible for his/her team during the festival.
  • We want the teams whose projects are selected to be as independent as possible during the festival and to supervise their members with a spirit of initiative and discipline.