THEME 2020 : Utopia & Nature

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After the theme of time in 2019, the Hadra Trance Festival #13 returns with a new declination of utopias for 2020: that of nature.

Utopias or dystopias, the future of nature in cohabitation with Humans has become a central concern. Two possibilities are open to us: to believe in a common future where the benevolence and place of each being will be the very foundation of its construction, or to think that technology will dominate, despite human relations, our link to the earth and our relationship with living things.

It is like thinking ahead of History that our utopia at the Hadra Trance Festival will address this question: what place do we reserve for the imagination and our relationship with others, whether animal, human or vegetable?

To imagine is to free oneself from a society dominated by an order. So let’s take the time together to think about a common future, outside of a predefined framework. Through this 13th edition of the Hadra Trance Festival, it is an opportunity for us to put nature back at the heart of our lives, and to question the place it will be given in the future.

See you from August 27th to 30th in Vieure (France), to experience our desires of utopias.

Artwork by KanellosCob

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