Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Over the past few days, we have been greatly questioning the idea of unveiling our programming to you. But in these destabilizing times for everyone, we finally felt it was necessary to share some positive news while being transparent with you about the current situation and the uncertain context in which we are evolving at the moment.

The announcement of the programming is a great highlight for Hadra: usually, the whole team is full of impatience and enthusiasm at the idea of making you discover its annual selection.

This year, ambivalent feelings have replaced the excitement. It is obviously difficult to ignore this crisis of unprecedented proportions: it is profoundly shaking up our environment, the cultural and events sector, and society as a whole more generally. The successive announcements of cancellations and postponements by our friends and fellow organisers are particularly upsetting. If currently the holding of Hadra Trance Festival 13 is not questioned, it is however certain that the heart is not in the party in the preparation of this one and we have no visibility on the evolution of the situation in the medium and long term. We are part of a very fragile ecosystem, which is gradually starting to collapse, without knowing how it will recover. We would like to extend our warm support to all the structures, organisers, artists, concert halls and clubs, intermittent workers, etc., that have been strongly impacted by these exceptional measures.

We remain on the alert in order to follow the evolution of the situation but we are, like everyone else, totally unable to project ourselves over the coming months. Our teams continue to work daily on the organization as long as there is no official counter-indication communicated by the state services. If there is the slightest hope of a more serene summer season, we wish to continue to believe in it and to hold on to it, resilience being always the watchword within the association.

Whatever happens, please be aware that ticket refunds for the Hadra Trance Festival are already provided for in our sales conditions. In case of cancellation, the price of the ticket excluding rental fees can be refunded.

The theme of this year’s festival “Utopia & Nature” echoes the current situation. It is high time to rethink our lifestyles and to anchor strong values of solidarity, mutual aid, benevolence, for a society that is committed and aware of the role it has to play in the coming decades. In order for nature to regain its rights and for Human beings to take a step back, slow down.

We wanted to take the time to share all this with you.
For the program, see you at 6pm.

The Hadra Team

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