Refund Information & Support

1. Refund Informations

Thank you to everyone who bought their place for the 2020 edition. You were already more than a thousand people to trust us and show your support!

Unfortunately we had to cancel the festival this year and as agreed here is the link to make your refund request : 

Indeed, we cannot guarantee for the moment the postponement of the festival to 2021: the municipal elections in Vieure having been postponed we cannot advance on the holding of a next edition as long as a new convention has not been signed with the town hall and our various institutional partners.

However, in order to support the association and its future projects during this financially difficult period, you can opt for a partial reimbursement and thus donate part of the amount of your ticket. A fixed fee of 1€ is deducted at each request for reimbursement by our ticketing service provider and remains at your expense.

Some of you had chosen the support fare when you purchased your ticket: this is also refunded to you but it is possible to repeat your donation by requesting a partial refund

2. How to support the Hadra association?

If you want to support us, you can:

This is also an opportunity to thank you very much: for your understanding, your support and your many messages of love that have so comforted the team in this difficult situation.

3. Hadra, how are you ?

The financial impact of the cancellation

Well, to tell you the truth, these last few weeks have been very intense for the whole team.

In addition to the cancellation of the Hadra Trance Festival, the health crisis has led us to cancel many other event projects and Trancemission workshops over the period April – June, which will unfortunately weaken our future projects. As a reminder, the Hadra association functions essentially thanks to its own resources and is self-financed at more than 98.5%.

Even without any activity, the association has many fixed monthly charges: salaries of the permanent staff, rent for the office and storage warehouse, internet, telephone, accountant, payroll manager, insurance, etc. This represents nearly €20,000 per month, i.e. a total over the year of nearly €237,000. The festival usually finances 70% of these fixed costs on an annual basis, while other activities finance 30%.

Without projects to finance these expenses at the moment, we have to draw the financial resources from our own funds: the association will therefore have to live and continue to develop projects over 2 years with only one year of resources.

The social impact of cancellation

Apart from the financial aspects, a whole human ecosystem is also affected. A festival is a virtuous circle which contributes to the development of the territory and participates in the employment of many actors linked to the show.

For the territory :
The Allier department hosts many festivals during the summer season and will be deprived of the economic spin-offs of the events it hosts: for example, the Hadra Trance Festival alone represents nearly 180 000€ HT of direct economic impact (invoices paid directly by Hadra to service providers in the department).

For the artists:
All their concerts are cancelled and few dates are postponed. No bookings are planned for many months as there is little prospect of a return to normal for the concert halls/festivals. No financial compensation is foreseen. Dry loss. Today, the artists live mostly from their live performances, without this their conditions become more precarious.

The example of Meelk: 17 dates cancelled since the crisis in France and Europe. Some dates were postponed, but others were simply cancelled. A status of intermittence on hold. Delays in his phonographic production schedule.

For our intermittents:
Cancelled services and no teleworking possible for many of these trades. No contracts or jobs for this summer when it’s the most important season to acquire their hours. The Hadra Trance Festival employs 99 casual workers (artists and technicians figures 2019): 15% of them counted on Hadra to validate their status.

The example of our technicals directors: 80% of their status is done in the summer. Tours and dates cancelled this year. No prospect before autumn 2020, concert halls closed, or even more if it continues depending on the crisis. Status of intermittent frozen and precarious worker.

For our employees:
Short-time working until the end of September and uncertainty about the future of jobs. Strategic development prospects called into question.

Hadra team: 5 permanent employees on permanent and fixed-term contracts.

For our service providers:
Many of our service providers are specialised in the entertainment sector (dry toilets, reusable cups, stage structures, brewers, tent structures, etc.). Cancellation of contracts leads to heavy financial losses and no work for the next few months. Need to think about a diversification of their activity.

The example of our public cover tent provider: no quotation signed since March, all the turnover expected in the summer is cancelled. No cash flow to pay salaries and charges. Perspective of filing for bankruptcy if no visibility on next summer.

And in 2021, what do we do?

Uncertainty about the future is even greater: on the one hand, we still have no assurance about the end of the state of health emergency, on the other hand, we have no certainty about the holding of the Hadra Trance Festival 2021, the municipal teams having to renew themselves with the new elections. Our financial reserves currently allow us to cash the cancellation of the 2020 festival but are insufficient to cover other disappointments.

The association is due to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021: a very special year that we want to mark with many, many projects! The team is already imagining a tour across France, a unique festival edition, but also many other surprises. We must therefore redouble our efforts and support to implement all these projects and celebrate this beautiful anniversary with dignity!

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