Support rate: what is it ?

Tarif soutien
Tarif soutien

The Hadra Trance Festival is one of the rare big international psytrance festivals to be non-profit making: all the proceeds of the festival are reinvested in the associative project. The association attaches great importance to its independence and transparency: supported by nearly 150 volunteers throughout the year (600 at the festival) and 4.5 FTE (full-time equivalent), the Hadra association functions essentially thanks to its own income (ticket sales, CD sales, membership fees, etc.) and is more than 98.5% self-financed.

We therefore have less than 2% public funding. The single fee allows us to achieve financial equilibrium on all the expenses incurred to carry out the festival.

The support rate means participating a little more than the average rate to support Hadra’s associative project and contribute to the development and sustainability of the festival and the other activities that we carry out in parallel: TranceMission workshops, Hadra Records and Hadra AlterVision Records labels, support for artists, development of psychedelic culture etc.

By choosing this rate, you benefit from a membership to the HADRA association: the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of the association!

The allocation of the 2020 support rate will be voted by the members of the association during the General Assembly which will take place at the end of 2020 and will allow to finance a new action in 2021.

Review and allocation of the support rate 2019

The innovation of the “support” passes offered in addition to the price of the ticket, to accompany the association in its year-round actions and its associative project, surprised us, so much it was a success! Out of 8,015 passes sold: 764 people provided financial support (9.53% of buyers) for a total of €4,560 collected.

This strong support from the community allows us to ensure innovative projects in the association such as sustainable development, equality between men and women, or community life. The allocation of this support tariff was voted during the association’s general assembly in December: as a result, the funds collected will be used for the association’s 20-year project!

Created in September 2001, the association will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021, with great projects in prospect! The team is thinking about an anniversary year with: Hadra events across France, a documentary project / exhibition of archive images, releases of exclusive compilations of our labels and the artists who represented them, TranceMission workshops with our historical partners and our young accompanied artists, and a very special 2021 festival edition!

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